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2018-01-15 20:16:06 by Splapp-me-do

Hey! Just a quicky... first thanks to everyone for playing The Impossible Quizmas. It was much more popular than I was expecting it to be!

And secondly, i've opened a Redbubble Store where you can buy all sorts of Splapp related tat (Splapparel?). There's Badly Drawn Dawg T-shirts and an Organ Story shirt, plus a few Impossible Quiz things. It's early days, so there's not loads at the moment, but i'd love to add to it depending on how popular it is.

If anyone has any suggestions for designs etc, then feel free to let me know! Here's a few pics:




Merry Quizmas! The Impossible Quizmas is OUT NOW and available to play on Newgrounds. I've put a lot of work into the game over the past few months, and i'm really happy with the end product. It's an anniversary/christmas hybrid, with plenty of throwbacks to the original games.

I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know of any bugs you come across so I can get them fixed ASAP.

And if anyones is insane enough to try and unlock all 45 Presents, then you have my infinite respect!



Good news! If all goes to plan, The Impossible Quizmas should be released this weekend. The Impossible Quizmas is a small Christmas themed quiz to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the original Impossible Quiz. It features:

  • Over 25 brand new questions
  • 5 skips - Skips can be used to skip questions. They're earned by completing questions or finding the hidden ones throughout the quiz
  • 45 Quizmas Presents to collect - Quizmas Presents are collectable trinkets which can be earned by playing through the quiz. There are also a few secret ones to unlock. It gives it a bit of replayability!
  • 12 Medals to unlock
  • And of course, with it being an anniversary celebration, you can expect some familiar faces to return from past quizzes!

I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. It’s Christmassy as hell, has some great festive tunes and I really hope you lot enjoy it.


Quizmas Presents

2017-11-20 15:54:52 by Splapp-me-do

I've added a new feature to The Impossible Quizmas... Quizmas Presents. These are little collectables that you earn by playing the quiz. They're purely cosmetic, but it's a little something extra to do while you play.

They'll mostly be little trinkets from the past impossible quizzes... there are 45 to collect, and some are rarer than others!

The game will be released sometime in December... still got loads to do on it so best get crackin'!

Quizmas Presents

ANNOUNCING: The Impossible Quizmas!

2017-11-11 18:29:12 by Splapp-me-do

I awaken, from years of deep, DEEP SLUMBER to announce i'm making another bloody quiz. Even though I said I wouldn't....

The Impossible Quizmas is a bitesize quiz to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original Impossible Quiz! I still can't believe how popular it was. I have to thank Newgrounds and you guys for that!

So it features 25(+) questions, its Christmas themed and should be out sometime in December. It'll also feature medals and other little knick-knacks to unlock.

Hopefully you'll love/hate it in equal amounts!

Splapp x

PS. The Impossible Dream is dead for now, sorry!

Sonic Breaks his Neck is 10 years old today! Can't believe its been that long. I did some artwork to celebrate... you can see the full version in the art portal here!

Eggman you fat bastard what have you done

Hory Shet

2015-04-13 19:42:19 by Splapp-me-do

Wow, The Impossible Quiz has been viewed 10,000,000 times on Newgrounds. :o That's... like... wow... amazing. AMAZING. Shame I missed the milestone... but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for playing it! :D

u wot m8

Making a new game

2015-02-06 16:46:50 by Splapp-me-do

Hey, so i'm not dead. And i'm making a new game! It's a sort of spiritual successor to the Impossible Quiz and it's about dreaaaaaams. The Impossible Dream...

Hats off

It's still in the early stages so it'll be a while before release... but expect dolphins, bulbs, hats and arses.


Merry Christmas, Newgrounds! Badly Drawn Dawg has returned for a crimbo special, woo-hoo:

Also available on the YouTubes:

Hope you all have a good christmas (or other holiday!), and a happy new year!


Just a quick update... the Badly Drawn Dawg Christmas Special should be out sometime towards the end of next week hopefully. Definitely before the big day on 25th.


These cartoons are a hell of a lot of fun to make, so if this is recieved well then i might be up for some more brand-new BDD cartoons in the new year!

- Splapp