Entry #38

'Sonic Breaks his Neck' is 10 years old!

2016-02-21 10:00:20 by Splapp-me-do

Sonic Breaks his Neck is 10 years old today! Can't believe its been that long. I did some artwork to celebrate... you can see the full version in the art portal here!

Eggman you fat bastard what have you done


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2016-02-21 11:35:20

I remember when this first came out, where do time go?

Splapp-me-do responds:

I knooow, it really doesn't feel like 10 years


2016-02-21 17:15:50

Your accomplishments since then are highly praiseworthy!



2016-02-21 22:13:08

Oh my! I forgot all about this! Watched it and its still great!

love the updated scene as well!


2016-02-22 11:11:30

Happy Birthday! I always loved that one.


2016-02-22 11:58:40

Good stuff I remember the vid, man time passes too quickly. Welp, at least we're having fun with it, right? Good times XD


2016-02-24 09:36:10

wow, i also remember when i first watched this movie.
its been 10 years?

but then again, i will reach my 10-years-on-NG anniversary soon, so...

congrats man, i like your movies, and i also liked this movie alot (even tho it had sonic, it was actually a VERY good, clever satire on the hedgehog!)

what can i say?
keep up the good work, and make more movies/games!
you have nice skills!


2016-12-03 19:22:39

*crackkk* now i guess i have broke my neck.