The Impossible Quizmas: 10th December!

2017-12-04 18:41:00 by Splapp-me-do


Good news! If all goes to plan, The Impossible Quizmas should be released this weekend. The Impossible Quizmas is a small Christmas themed quiz to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the original Impossible Quiz. It features:

  • Over 25 brand new questions
  • 5 skips - Skips can be used to skip questions. They're earned by completing questions or finding the hidden ones throughout the quiz
  • 45 Quizmas Presents to collect - Quizmas Presents are collectable trinkets which can be earned by playing through the quiz. There are also a few secret ones to unlock. It gives it a bit of replayability!
  • 12 Medals to unlock
  • And of course, with it being an anniversary celebration, you can expect some familiar faces to return from past quizzes!

I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. It’s Christmassy as hell, has some great festive tunes and I really hope you lot enjoy it.



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2017-12-04 18:47:05

Can't wait! Now I can add that to the ol' list of days to look forward to, along with my birthday and when my milk expires.


2017-12-04 21:38:05



2017-12-05 14:13:57

GREAT, I get back to the originals every once in a while, this is gonna be fun!


2017-12-10 10:56:41

It comes out today!


2017-12-10 10:57:00

:D yay