Organ Story: September 15th

2013-09-01 12:01:57 by Splapp-me-do

Good news, everyone!

My new cartoon Organ Story is practically finished, woo! The main animation is complete, now its just a case of adding a final layer of polish and making it all lovely.

So i've set myself a deadline of September 15th to release it. (if all goes well!)

Organ Story: September 15th


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2013-09-01 12:07:47

Neat. Looking forward to it


2013-09-01 13:48:20

I see you put your HEART into this!
My GUTS tell me this will be a good story!
I can see the quality of work, it's truly a no-BRAINER!
My puns probably make you sick to your STOMACH.

Splapp-me-do responds:

Bravo sir, bravo!


2013-09-02 07:52:11

I like the artwork! Let me see it right now and i give you cookie